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// fight me irl fate

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// i now have 6300 rp

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“War does not determine who is right - only who is left.„

—Bertrand Russel (via occult101)
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// *realizes I haven’t actually played lissandra in weeks*

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// are these going to be a thing now?

onecardtwocardredcardbluecard this ones for you

// if you do not like this meme i made you are on my hit list i spend 5 minutes of my life making this shit

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The person I blogged this from deserves to have a great day

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Anonymously tell me about your crush

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The desert is ours. It is my home. Invaders come here, but they do not leave. They do not understand the desert; they do not understand how it gives life, and how it kills. So they die, and we grow stronger. The dead, now, the dead cannot pass on their newfound wisdom…so invaders keep coming, keep trying to take our lands and our wealth. But then, wealth flows through this land. And if our people have one thing, it is the love of wealth. It is sweeter than water, it is more powerful than the sword, for any sword can be turned aside with a gold coin. Gold will buy a thousand warriors…and a thousand warriors, they are the start of an empire!

// I am speechless. Simply astounding. Thank you so much for a damn good picture of Sivir.

// god dammit y is siv sohot

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gemknighttaric said:


Not much occurred today. With no matches, I find a lot of time to think and plot when alone. Perhaps, I should spare the lives of a few of the other champions…such as Taric. He would not be a cause for concern and…

Well, perhaps I will just kill everyone.


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Disgusting. These summer days at The Institute are simply the worst. I find it much more comfortable here within my icy palace. It makes me wonder, how do those mercenaries survive in The Shurima? How? And Nasus with all of the fur covering his body? Makes me burn up just thinking about it,


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